photobooth LEAD TIME 1-2 WEEKS | PRINTER LEADTIME 2-3 Weeks

12V Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • $99.99 USD
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This Battery Pack is commonly used for the Helio V2 and the Ring Roamer.

Supported Products

  • Helio V2
  • Ring Roamer V2
  • Sapphire Ring Roamer
  • Sapphire Helio
  • Ring Roamer Stand
  • Stand Alone Printer Stand

★★★Please note our battery DC port is inner Positive(+), outer Negative(-). But most guitar pedal input port is inner Negative(-), outer Positive(+). If you want to use this battery to power the guitar pedal, you must need a reversed polarity cable to connect the pedal with our battery, or will damage the guitar pedal. Our package not include this reversed polarity cable.