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About Us

Creating valuable memories on the go with each snap

Events are everywhere. What makes your event stand apart from the rest is the presence of great photo booths to help your guests capture their memories without being disconnected from the party themselves.

Many of your best memories include being in a photo booth with a big smile on your face, making funny faces, or with your face squashed against the camera. All of these images are mostly with the people you love and care about. The events were made memorable with each photo.

Making memories is an integral part of human nature. This is why party-goers resonate heavily with selfie booth and photo booths – because they capture moments of feeling instantly. The rise in selfie booths requests by party goers opens a world of possibilities for event organizers. This is a language we understand at Photobooth City.

At Photobooth City, we are a portable photo booth provider that aims to help everyone make memories easilywithout disconnecting from the event. We understand that entrepreneurs may have difficulties getting their photo booth business off the ground. This is why we provide new or existing photo booths and DJ rental equipment.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the need for expansion. This is why we help people start or purchase a photo booth business. We also help event organizers and party planners get a photo booth and DJ rental services to enhance their business and increase their portfolio.

We have an extensive collection of photo booths or selfie booths for sale for different occasions. These include; wedding photo booths, music festivals, parties, and more.  We understand the photo booth business and provide avenues for new business owners to join the company.

We stand apart from our photo booth businesses because we have the most advanced photo booths in the market. Our photobooths are also very portable and lightweight and easy to setup. We think about the best ways to make your photo booth rental business easy; this is why we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in photo booths. We have a wide range of photo booths, DJ rental equipment, and other photography equipment for you to choose from.

We are dedicated to helping photo booth businesses grow their brands while helping their consumers create memories that last. This is why we sell quality photo booths that help you kick start your rental business.

Choose Photobooth City to buy or rent quality photobooths and DJ equipment today.