9 Ways to set up photo booth

Capturing moments that are special to you in today’s digital age has become way easier, fun and creative if compared in two decades. The easiest and exciting element to add for fun is to set up snap booth. Photobooth City is going to guide you step-by-step on how you can easily set up your own ipad photo booth.

  1. Budget: It is the most part if you planning to set up a party and then make sure that you will need a minimum percentage of your budget needs to be allotted for the photo kiosk set up.
  2. Choose the right application: Keep few days in hand to explore the App store to search and downsize the right application for your need, as they offer their own set of features and customization options and choose the one that best suit your need and budget.
  3. Secure Mounting: Once the earlier set up is done, it is time for you to set up your ipad on a stable mount. Make sure the stand or mount is stable enough, and flexible enough to adjust according to the right height and angle for your guests.
  4. Create a captivating background and add props: The backdrops and props are like icing on the cake, which makes the cake looks delicious. When the backdrop matches the aesthetic and theme of the party it set up the whole mood to get more clicks and the props enhances the fun and creativity of the guests.
  5. Ensure connectivity: You need to have great connectivity to ensure that you can easily share photos online or via social media and you will need extra battery backup to keep your ipad powered up for the entire event.
  6. Have great lighting: Lighting is the key to high quality pictures, so don’t forget to illuminate your ring roamer photo booth enough and if possible use natural light as much as possible and if opting for artificial lights then softbox and LED panels needs to be your priority.
  7. Do the test run: You need to do the test run before your event begin to ensure everything is going smoothly. Everything in association with the snap-booth needs to get checked before the event begin, to ensure that no issue is faced in its regard be it technical or damaged props.
  8. Assign a photobooth attendant: Assigning the assistant at the image-booth makes the whole process easy because someone will be there to assist guests with technical difficulties and help them with the handling of props.
  9. Share and cherish the memories: Once the event is over you can share the cherished moments of the guest at the event via email, text messages, or social media. Even you can decide to put up a photo printing stall so that your guests can take the physical copies of their photograph as souvenirs, making it a tangible reminder for life time.


While summing up, we can say that ipad selfie booth is a fantastic way to add a touch of fun and excitement at your event, by following these simple steps you can easily create a great photo kiosk yourself. You can also check out our ipad photo booth for sale to grab an exciting offer. So what are you waiting for grab your ipad and strike a pose for wonderful moments.


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