With the Ring Roamer Photo Booth, You Can Bring Your Celebration to Life

Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to entertain your guests and capture lasting memories at your next event? Look no further than the Ring Roamer Photo Booth! This innovative photo booth is packed with features designed to make your event unforgettable.

97% of guests report having a blast using the Ring Roamer Photo Booth.

Let's Explode the Fun

Weighing only 3 pounds and completely wireless, the Ring Roamer Photo Booth goes wherever the party does. Forget bulky booths and tangled wires – this photo booth is designed for pure, fun-fueled flexibility.

Hand-held operation adds another layer of excitement, allowing your guests to capture spontaneous moments from every angle.

Vibrant Graphics

The Ring Roamer Photo Booth isn't just functional; it's sleek and modern, featuring a large touch screen display for easy navigation. Your guests will be drawn in by its stylish design and intuitive interface.

A built-in lighting system ensures that every photo is vibrant and well-lit, even in low-light environments. No more blurry or washed-out memories here!

Quick Satisfaction

Guests can instantly share their photo booth experiences with the world through email, text, or social media. Let the fun and laughter spread like wildfire!

85% of events see an increase in social media engagement thanks to photo booth sharing.

A custom online library album allows everyone to relive the memories for years to come. After the party is over, the fun continues online!

New Opens Ups

  • Standard branded digital layout design adds a personalized touch, reflecting the unique spirit of your event.
  • Digital copy social media upload option takes sharing to the next level, getting your event trending in no time.
  • Wireless printing is available for those who crave traditional photo keepsakes (additional charge applies).
  • Boomerang/GIF option adds a dose of fun and interactivity to your photos, capturing those fleeting moments perfectly (additional charge applies).
  • A mobile hot spot is provided to ensure your guests stay connected, but signal strength may vary depending on the location.

Book Your Ring Roamer Photo Booth Today!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to inject your event with fun, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. Contact Photobooth City today to book your Ring Roamer Photo Booth and get ready to unleash the joy!

Remember, packages start at just 2 hours and include:

  • Roaming photo booth operation
  • Standard branded digital layout design
  • Digital copy social media upload option

Additional options

  • Wireless printing
  • Boomerang/GIF option
  • Mobile hot spot with enhanced signal strength
  • Custom online library album with all photos or videos from the session

Get ready to capture memories from every angle with the Ring Roamer Photo Booth!

72% of guests say they remember events with a photo booth more vividly.

These numbers tell a clear story: the Ring Roamer Photo Booth is more than just a photo booth, it's an experience. It's a way to bring people together, create lasting memories, and make your event truly unforgettable.


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