Tips for Customizing Your Lumia Photo Booth Experience

    Tips for Customizing Your Lumia Photo Booth Experience

    • 29 April, 2024
    • Webart Technology

    As the festivity season has begun, then what is the better way to create a buzz about the gathering and event rather than lumia photo booth? These gadgets effortlessly turn any corner into a miniature studio which allows you to speak those unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Photo booth city has got you a blog on photobooth that can be tailored to craft or truly amazing experience.

    In this blog we will be exploring some activities suggestion to personalize your event with the image booth that will ensure your photos has an amazing shine that is out shining the crowd

    Elevate Your Backdrop Game

    You can now say goodbye to the bland walls behind your pictures. Now you can mirror the back ground of your image with the theme of your occasion and event we are going to give you some imaginative ideas for your lumia photo booth:

    Thematic Backdrops: Are you hosting a birthday bash for your kid? If so you can construct a colossal birthday cake or a don the space with vibrant steamers and props. For a holiday spree of you can opt for fairy light background in a winter theme. And if you are unsure about the theme you can drape or luxurious fabric or employee or tough should wallpapers to give a elegant look.

    DIY Backdrops: It is time for you to unleash your inner artist, it is your themed event and you have all the opportunities to create a background according to your need mural art to a fashion background or using paper cut out or hang fabrics to create a personalized message.

    Interactive Backdrops: It is time for you to think outside the box you can morph wall colors with a sequin wall background or utilize a chalkboard or whiteboard background where your guest can inscribe messages for you.

    Prop-tastic Fun!

    Props are one of the most used and entertaining factors in wherever of lumia photo booth is installed it not only gives and aesthetic pictures but also create interactive engagement between the audience generating creativity. There are some ways how you can create a prop haven:

    Classic Props: One of the classic props that are used and by everyone are hats, feather boas and oversize sunglasses which never fail to delight the audience and generate creativity to use them in a variety of ways.

    Themed Props: You can get props that are suitable according to your event for example if you have a thing that has tropical luau you can offer flower headband and leis for a murder mystery theme you can provide with magnifying glasses detective hats and much more.

    DIY Props: With your props by making it according to your needs where you can crowd and oversize version of a popular emoji’s using cardboard or fashion science and slogans that describe you and your event it will not only make your event exclusive but also foster creativity and some quality time with your loved ones. You can download different templates online that you can use over the study card stock to create an effortless do it yourself project.


    As we are in the end of this blog we can say if you and corporate these tips and tricks in your event you can transform lumia photo booth experience which will capsulate the essence of your particular event and will also leave your guest with hand on forgettable cherished memory.

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