The right spin for your event – 360 Photo Booth

    The right spin for your event – 360 Photo Booth

    • 04 March, 2024
    • Webart Technology

    Let’s discuss the serious topic, and we will discuss some reasons why someone needs a 360 photo booth for their next event.

    The 360° Photo Booth is an experience developed to capture 360° high-resolution videos. Event guests step on a medium where a high-end camera affixed to a revolving automatic arm rotates at high speeds 360 degrees around your guests. While spinning, it uses programmatic moves and captures videos of up to 120 frames per second, which the cloud-based platform processes instantly using proprietary AI technologies.

    The Experiences

    Simply like other photo booth experiences, the 360 Photo Booth can capture multiple individuals at the same time. Depending on size, the 360-degree kiosk can fit 4-5 individuals comfortably and can carry about 500 lbs of weight. This is pretty fair, considering the epic content you can create using the 360 photo booth.


    Jumping right into the foremost reason why having a 360-degree photo booth is strongly recommendable. The first reason is its popularity! While the actual origin of the 360 videos is debated, it was originally popularized by the infamous scene with Neo in 'The Matrix' where time was blocked and the video revolved around him. To create this effect, dozens of high-end cameras were mounted around a circular object in the middle. The individual frames from each camera were then stitched together, frame by frame, to construct the result. They named it, the “360-time freeze” or “Bullet Time”.

    As you may have pictured, this form was not so economical. It doesn’t take an intellectual to figure out how costly it would be to set up dozens of thousand-dollar cameras and the editing work needed to deliver the result. We have contemporized this bullet-time capture to be rendered in real time. While it’s one of the coolest visuals that can be created, it is not suitable for many clients. 

    Over the next decade, concepts appeared. Finally, instead of using numerous high-end DSLR cameras, a system was developed to use a rotating automated arm with a singular high-definition camera connected to it. As you know, it became a momentary hit. It has been widely used in music videos, premiers, red-carpet galas, and even ad commercials! The 360° Photo Booth is the most requested since it has been introduced to the market.

    Photo booth Attendants

    It goes without saying that all photo booths are absolutely fun and easy to use. Some of our booths are so easy to set up that they don’t even need any helpers to be in place. Although the 360 photo booth is entirely different from the rest of the photo booths, professional attendants or photo booth experts are just as outgoing and fun as they are skilled. If you face any kind of problem related to the system, you can contact them, and they will reach out to you. What to expect:


    The team will arrive with much time to set up and test your 360 venture before the agreed-upon beginning time. In most cases, this arrangement requires around 2 hours.

    The team will ensure things operate smoothly while facilitating guests to enjoy the booth.

    The professional team will break down all of the equipment and load it out of your venue instantly following your occasion. This procedure usually takes less than an hour. 
    It’s that superficial; you don’t have to stress about anything other than footing up on our 360 video booth platform and smiling for the camera, as the professional team will take care of all of that from start to finish.

    Beyond its enticing appearance and immersive effects, the 360-degree photo booth comes up well with its cosmetic filters. 360 photo booth can also harness the potency of best-in-class AI segmentation to grab a still from the video taken out of reality and drop you into a virtual background. Presume green screen on steroids. There is also augmented reality photo booth stuff and more classic photo booth filters that can be applied to your guests’ videos. 
    Something More

    Now you know why more and more events and content creators are counting on the use of 360 video booths as part of their marketing channels for events, promotions, and possibilities.

    In just 60 seconds, your guests step into the 360 photo booth and create and share their amazing videos. Such an impact is made and simply impacts their full event occasion. For an extra taste of awesomeness, add the live event slideshows so guests can keep on appreciating their creations shown live on cinema displays at your event. 

    What Should Remember?

    No matter what type of occasion or event you are planning to have, you’re still going to want to have something that gives your guests something fun and thrilling to do.

    Remember, it’s not just for the sake of enjoyment; it’s also about creating that special moment and experience that makes a lifelong bond with your brand or label through a sharable and unique recollection of memories.

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