10 reasons to choose Lumia photo booth

    10 reasons to choose Lumia photo booth

    • 13 February, 2024
    • Webart Technology

    In the era, where image booths are part of every event, choosing the right one for your event can be a daunting task. When they are out there with different kind and in price range available. Here we are going to give you 10 reasons to choose Lumia snap booths.

    1. Cutting Edge Technology: It features high resolution camera and advanced imaging software to get amazing clarity and software which makes sure that every picture is of professional quality and can be treasured for years to come.
    1. Sleek and modern design: The look of this photobooth is very sleek and modern as compared to the traditional photo kiosks which make it a perfect choice for modern day set up and compact venue.
    1. Customization options: It offers a wide range of customization to suit your specific needs. You can have personalized backgrounds, overlays, digital props, etc. You can create your own unique portfolio.
    1. Interactive features: Lumia photo booth has lots of interactive features so that your attendees can enjoy a variety of engaging features that will keep them entertained.


    1. Social media integration: It enables the features of social media sharing that encourage the user to share the freshly taken snap on social media immediately creating a buzz for the event.
    1. Unlimited photo sessions: There is no limit to the photographs that one can have unlike traditional photo booths which means guest can enjoy their unlimited snap. 
    1. Green screen technology: It has built in green screen which allows the user to transport you to your beloved landmarks and let you live the element of fantasy in your photo booth experience.
    1. Reliable and professional support: when you choose lumia you choose reliable support throughout the event as the assistance will be provided to you. You can rely on us with personalization, technical issues and queries to guaranteeing your peace of mind for event organization.
    1. Professional quality prints: With addition to the digital copy your guests can choose a variety of prints formats and sizes including photo strips and full-size prints.
    1. Versatility for every occasion: This snap booth can be used both for formal and informal event be it corporate conference or a casual birthday party. It adapts every theme and need.


    In conclusion lumia photo booth is a combination of technological advancement, innovation, aesthetic appeal and user friendly appeal and features that make it the standard choice for any event, and due to the rise in demand of the image booths to make it more memorable for your guest it is extremely necessary for you to invest in it. You can definitely check out lumia photo booth for sale exclusively at our website and many more accessories, system packages, DJ gear, 360 booths, ipad booths, DSLR booths, mirror booth ring roamer and many more.

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